No Lifeline But Numbers

Stephen Livesey Ashworth

Gaze at the stars in the vault of the night!
Let the eternal immensity strike
Your perception with wonder, unleash your desire
To reach out and touch the cosmic fire!

Like Vikings who sailed for an unknown shore,
Adventurers questing for spices and gold,
In frail wooden hulls that engirdled the globe,
Pilots who lusted for freedom to soar,
Looping the loop in their flying machines –
We too have a vision engraved in our genes.

It calls us to wager our trembling flesh
On engines that hurl us far from the nest.
No lifeline but numbers, as we tread the paths
Through bottomless space – and onward to Mars!
Gaze at the stars in the dome of the night!
Name every mute constellation in space.
Man’s role in the whirlwind of matter unfolds:
We too are at home in the universe.

Don’t be depressed by the trials of life!
Let’s share our thoughts on the meaning of flight
To the utter horizon of all human worth.
Daring to venture our wildest ideas,
Exulting with joy, shrieking with fear,
Incorrigible children of Good Mother Earth.

So let’s breathe our spirit into our machines
And ride off to extraterrestrial scenes,
Mould stubborn rock in the image of love
With feelings enough to waken the galaxies,
Melt frigid ice into vessels of consciousness,
Challenge the silence with verses from Genesis,
Summon all forces of creativity:
Roll, pitch and yaw, prayers, peace and Tranquility,
Defy pain with laughter and laser thought,
Cry to the universe: we’re alive, we’re alive!
Conquer all worlds, fathom all reasons –
Discover our soul at the cusp of our dreams.