Theatre scripts

by Stephen Livesey Ashworth

I should like to thank the Oxford Theatre Guild for making workshop productions of some of these plays possible.

I opjat', kak togda, ja prosnulsja v slezakh! Kakaja slabost', akh, kakaja slabost'! I opjat' te zhe ljudi, i opjat' dal'nij gorod, i bok rojalja, i vystrely, i eshche kakoj-to poverzhennyj na snegu. Rodilis' ehti ljudi v snakh, vyshli iz snov i prochnejshim obrazom obosnovalis' v moej kel'e. Jasno bylo, chto s nimi tak ne razojtis'. No chto zhe delat' s nimi?
(As before, I woke up in tears. What a fool I felt! Again there were those same people, again that distant city, the side of a grand piano, the sound of shots and again someone falling in the snow. Born in a dream, these people were now emerging from their dream and coming firmly to life in my cell-like room. There was obviously no getting away from them. But what was I to do with them?)
Mikhail Bulgakov, Teatral'nyj roman, glava 7 (transl. Michael Glenny as Black Snow, Penguin, p. 51)

Stephen Ashworth, Oxford, UK,

26 August 2006 / 37rd Apollo Anniversary Year