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Talk presented to students at the International Space University, May 2016

Basic concepts of Astronautical Evolution

Options for Growth and Sustainability

Mars on the Interstellar Roadmap (2015)

The Great Sociology Debate (2011)

Building Selenopolis (2008)


Astronautics and human progress

Astronautical Evolution is a blog of the 21st-century Enlightenment, space and society, which has been appearing approximately monthly since 2005.

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Basic concepts of Astronautical Evolution – the application of evolutionary growth and progress to the astronautical expansion of civilisation from its planet of origin out into the broader astronomical universe.

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I am not a space professional, but work in academic publishing at the Voltaire Foundation within Oxford University. I have been a Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society since the 1980s, and an associate of the Initiative for Interstellar Studies since its founding in 2012.

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