Science fiction

Novels, novelettes, short stories and a play

Stephen Livesey Ashworth, Oxford, UK

The Camp and the Station (short story, NEW in 2020)

Creation (epic poem, 1999)

Halfway There! (novelette, 2014)

The Long Sunset (short story, 2019)

The Marchioness (novelette, 2015)

Moon Village 2069 / Luna 2069 (short stories, 2016)

The Moonstormers (novel, 2012)

Once a Queen… (novelette, NEW in 2020)

The Spaced Land (epic poem, 2004)

Thunderer (play, 2013)

The Twenty-Ninth Day (novelette, 2020)

In progress, 2021:

The Earthstormers (after sixteen years of sketches and false starts, this alien invasion epic – originally inspired by the return of Dr Who to our TV screens – is gradually beginning to come into focus…)

The Fall of Lyonia (novel, in final revision stage)

The Gods of Ultima Landra (novel, in progress)

Vegamuamua (novelette, in progress)