Science fiction

Novels, novelettes, short stories and a play

Stephen Livesey Ashworth, Oxford, UK

Moon Village 2069 (short story, 2016)

While waiting for the spacecraft carrying the visiting European President to land at Moon Village at the lunar South Pole in 2069, a commentator recounts the history of events leading to the foundation of the settlement originally proposed in 2015 by ESA Director General Jan Wörner.

Published in print in: Eugen Reichl, Space 2017: Das aktuelle Raumfahrtjahr mit Chronik 2016 (VFR e.V., München), p.10-31. English/German parallel text.

Luna 2069 (short story, 2016)

My first shot at writing a story for Eugen Reichl’s Space 2017 was very different from the story which he accepted. This is a much darker tale of conflict, death, and machine intelligence running dangerously out of control. At the same time it recounts a little of the future history of Jan Wörner’s Moon Village concept. (6,300 words)

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