Science fiction

Novels, novelettes, short stories and a play

Stephen Livesey Ashworth, Oxford, UK

The Earthstormers (novel, in progress, 2005 onwards)

A strange discovery in an ancient rock formation; political turmoil as the global environmental movement tries to clamp down on growth against opposition from the nationalists; a deteriorating climate as global warming morphs into global storming; a mission sent to Mars by an international group of eccentric billionaires searching for signs of ancient civilisations among the pyramids of Cydonia; and now a seemingly irresistible force of robot overlords threatening to take over the world.

A tale of two women: Tharsis Adams is a manager trying to keep the Mission Control Centre of the Mars programme running at its base in the English countryside. But can she succeed, when Ayseul Yanova, working for the new anti-technology government of the United Kingdom of England, is trying to shut it down?

Download sample chapter: Prologue